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HIB Report Card

NJ Department of Education 
School Self-Assessment for Determining Grades 
under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights 
School Grade Report - Wenonah School
School District Report 2017-18

Reported June 19th, 2019
School HIB Programs - Approaches or Other Initiatives (Max:15) Training on the BOE-Approved HIB Policy (Max:9) Other Staff Instruction and Training Programs (Max:15) Curriculum and instruction on HIB and Related Information and Skills (Max=6) HIB Personnel (Max:9) School-Level HIB Incident Reporting Procedures (Max:6) HIB Investigative Procedures (Max:12) HIB Reporting (Max:6) School Grade (Max:78)
Wenonah Elementary School 14 7 14 6 9 6 12 6 74
Official Release Document Provided by NJDOE

Bullying Specialist
Mrs. Patricia Larsen-Christine
phone: 856-468-6000
Bullying Coordinator -
Mrs. Carol Murphy
phone: 856-468-6000